Muhlenberg County Health Department Food Safety

Roles of the health department include:

  • Review construction and alteration plans
  • Issue permits
  • Inspect facilities for sanitary operation in accordance with regulation
  • Take enforcement actions when necessary
  • Investigate food-borne illness outbreaks
  • Quarantine of adulterated products
  • Provide training to food industry personnel (at least once every three years)

Under Chapter 2-102.11 of the 2005 FDA Food Code, every food handler/manager must be trained in food safety. 

The course must be taken within ninety days after the employment starts. Training is conveniently offered online only.  It is important to use Google or Google Chrome as the internet browser.  Please select the link to complete the required training:

Failure to abide by the 2005 FDA Food Code requirement will result in legal action in accordance with Kentucky Revised Statute 217.992 against the permitted facility. A wavier is available for those employees who can show proof of training whether at their facility or another food safety course, (ex. SafeServe). If you have any questions, contact the environmental office at 754-1208.

Emergency Food Preparation Guidelines