Muhlenberg County Health Department Septic Systems

All individual sewage disposal systems installed in Muhlenberg County must be permitted through the Health Department. Site Evaluations applications are available at the Health Department. After the application is completed, an environmentalist performs a soil evaluation to determine suitability and location for the sewage system. This evaluation also determines design, type and size of the sewage system. A certified installer must install systems unless a homeowner wishes to install his or her own system and obtains a homeowner’s permit.

***When applying for a Site Evaluation, please bring a copy of the property deed.

The size of the lot is adequate to accommodate an onsite sewage disposal system and repair area with a minimum lot size of not less than ¾ of an acre or 32,670 square feet.
After the site evaluation is completed a construction permit is to be purchased at the cost of $175.00. This permit is obtained by a certified installer, or by the homeowner if he or she is actually doing the work. A drawing of system lay out is required when permit is issued. A Permanent Electrical Sticker can be issued at this time. This permit covers the initial and final inspection. All systems are to be properly inspected by this department before any backfill of dirt is placed on the system. The permit is good for one (1) year from date of purchase.

***An important reminder to you as the homeowner, the plumbing permit for the new construction cannot be issued to you or your licensed plumber until the construction permit is obtained from this department.

Onsite Fees are as follows:
Site Evaluation $150.00
Construction Permit $195.00
Existing System Inspection $100.00
Alteration Permit $170.00
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